How Early Christmas Decorating isn't as Bad as You Think

How early is too early to put up Christmas decorations? Many people have strong feelings on the subject. Although it may be hard to believe, there are actual benefits to putting up your Christmas decorations early. In other words, you don't have to wait until December to start decking the halls! Here are few reasons why you should consider decorating for Christmas sooner rather than later.

1) People who decorate early are happier.

A study published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology found that people who put up holiday decorations early are happier. The study's authors believe this is because decorations serve as an affirmation of one's beliefs and values. In other words, when you surround yourself with things that make you happy, you're more likely to be in a good mood. I have found this to be true for myself. When I start decorating the house for the holidays, I can't help but smile.

Decorations can help us recall good childhood memories and precious moments with loved ones who have passed away. According to a another study, people who are exposed to holiday decorations are more likely to recall positive childhood memories. The study also found that people who are reminded of loved ones who have passed away feel closer to them. So if you're feeling a little down about the holidays, put up some holiday decorations! You may find yourself feeling a little happier.

2) You can enjoy the festive atmosphere longer.

If you put up your decorations early, you can enjoy them for a longer period of time. This is especially beneficial if you live in a place with a short winter. For example, here in West Texas, we don't have much of a winter at all. It can be hard to get into the Christmas spirit with nothing much to indicate that it is that time of year. Putting up decorations in October and taking them down in January helps us get ready for the holiday and makes us feel like we have had some kind of winter season.

Decorating early can also be helpful if you feel like the holiday season is too short or too rushed. Taking a couple of extra weeks, or even months, to enjoy a holiday atmosphere can be relaxing. There is not so much pressure to cram all the holiday stuff into one, super busy month. And that brings me to the next reason to consider decorating early...

3) It can take some of the stress out of your holiday season.

I think it's safe to say that no one likes stress. If you put up your decorations early, it's one less thing you have to do when the holiday season gets really busy. You can use that extra time to do things you enjoy, like watching holiday movies or baking cookies. You'll be able to relax and enjoy more time with the family if you don't have to worry about putting up decorations at the last minute.

If you--or your family--are still resistant to the idea of decorating early, consider a sneakier alternative. Go ahead and put up the Christmas tree, but decorate it with harvest-themed decorations. Then as the holiday season gets closer, simply swap out your decorations. This can also be done with wreaths, garlands and other decorations. It will still save you some time and stress, and you will still get the benefits of decorating early.

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